24k Gold & Diamond Night

24k GOLD & DIAMONDS™ is the breakthrough anti-wrinkle program developed in Eveline Cosmetics laboratory, combining effectiveness of natural active ingredients with latest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. New luxury formula contains 24-carat gold, diamond microparticles and unique composition of active substances that significantly restore skin providing it with brilliance.
Luxury cream+serum for daily care of mature skin. New formula based on innovative complex 24k GOLD & DIAMONDS SKIN COMPLEX™ creates tightening microcrystal grid on skin, rejuvenating face. Mineral ingredients, acting in synergy with bioHYALURONIC ACID and MATRIX-6™ – latest generation peptide ensuring immediate lifting effect. Concentrated formula of the cream penetrates into deepest skin layers, stimulates its renewal, intensely moisturizes. Skin is deeply nourished and regenerated, regains natural tension, while face features are shaped.

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